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Beautiful Personalized Poems In Five Easy Questions

Hey! Hey! Hey!
I will make your day
Write you a poem that'll blow you away
Print it or send it
Give it or lend it
Five easy questions, a poem displayed!

My name is Quilly the Poet.

Welcome to!

Quilly invites you to use his friendly website where you can easily create personalized poems to send out to your friends or family.

My name is Quilly the Poet.
If you will answer just five easy questions, I will write a special poem about someone you know.

  1. First I need the first name of the person that I will write the poem about. (example: Henry)
  2. Next tell me the city he or she lives in. (example: Boston)
  3. What is your relationship to him or her? (example: friend)
  4. What is the best word to describe him or her? (example: smart)
  5. Now what is your message to him or her (example: Happy Birthday)
Then I will write and show his or her poem to you.

A word from the creator:

Dwight Goldwinde

I'm Dwight, the creator of Quilly The Poet.
In the past, whenever I wanted to express something special to a friend, a family member, or a lover, the greeting cards that I could find were never really personal and from my own heart. This has remained true, even with ecards. I wanted to create a way that I and others could easily create a card that was truly personal.
That is why I invented Quilly.
In just two minutes, you'll be amazed at the fifteen-line poem written by Quilly and how personal it is. With Quilly, I'll never give another generic card.
I hope you'll feel the same.

Don't take my word for it.

Try It Now!

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